The Brompton – Engineering for Change




Libro scritto da Will Butler-Adams (CEO di Brompton Bicycle) insieme al giornalista ed economista Dan Davies Ripercorre la storia di Brompton dal 1975 a oggi. In lingua inglese 277 pagine Copertina rigida Contents: Preface Chronology Introduction: How it all started PART 1 MAKING BIKES 1 Understanding the jigs 2 The art of brazing 3 Interlocking gears 4 Quality and Control 5 Developing the Superlight PART 2 BUILDING A COMPANY 6 Lines and battles 7 The real meaning of money 8 Space and how to get it 9 Dealing with the directors 10 The whole person 11 Distribution networks PART 3 CHANGING THE WORLD 12 The problems we need to solve 13 Innovating for the future 14 The brand, the community and the company 15 Brompton for ever  

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